The current paradigm of practice concerning insidious lateral knee pain involving the iliotibial band in repetitive knee flexion activities has been presented as iliotibial band friction syndrome since 1974. Renne's original model for ITB pain was based on a limited or incorrect understanding of the relevant anatomy, biomechanics, and tissue science, which gradually led to a plethora of frustrating and ineffective interventional strategies. Mounting evidence from arthroscopic, cadaveric and biomechanical studies, as well as from diagnostic imaging and histology reports helps deconstruct this long-held paradigm for ITB related pathology and treatment. Using an archeological approach to gather relevant evidence, this clinical update synthesizes the available data in order to present an updated, more informed model for understanding and treating insidious onset related ITB related pathology. The result is a new, more informed paradigm called Iliotibial Band Impingement Syndrome.

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