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Announcement of JAT Special Issue

“ACL Injury in the Pediatric Athlete”

The Journal of Athletic Training (JAT) is pleased to announce a forthcoming special issue focused on ACL injury in the pediatric athlete. The Journal seeks original research reports and systematic reviews that will advance knowledge of the ACL injury risk and prevention continuum from primary ACL injury to short-term and long-term consequences (eg, secondary injury, posttraumatic osteoarthritis) that result from the initial trauma.

Despite current prevention efforts, the incidence of ACL injury continues to rise annually. Adolescent females are more likely than adolescent male athletes to injure their ACL, and this risk increases rapidly during maturation. Many adolescent females who tear their ACL do not return to their prior competitive level of sport, and those who do return are more likely than adolescent males or older age groups to suffer a second ACL injury and subsequently experience poorer health outcomes. Evidence-based screening and prevention strategies to mitigate the risk of both primary and secondary injury and to improve long-term outcomes are critically needed. Because many risk factors associated with ACL injury develop or change during physical maturation, we must better understand the maturational biopsychosocial factors that contribute to primary and secondary ACL injury and that affect both short-term and long-term joint health.

Manuscript Preparation, Submission and Review Process: Please review the Authors’ Guide ('_Guide.pdf ) for instructions on preparing manuscripts. Manuscripts should be submitted to JAT no later than September 1st, 2021, using the Journal’s online submission system: . The cover letter should state that the manuscript is intended for the special issue “ACL Injury in the Pediatric Athlete.” Authors should answer all submission questions related to special issues and select “ACL” as the “Special Section.”

Narrative reviews, current clinical concepts, and other manuscript types are by invitation only. Please contact the guest editors to suggest topics for these types of manuscripts. JAT is the final authority on the disposition of your contribution and possible inclusion in the special issue or a regular issue. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

All manuscripts will undergo the normal peer-review process, which will be overseen by guest co-editors, Sandra Shultz, PhD, ATC, and Brian Pietrosimone, PhD, ATC. For questions about the issue, contact

We look forward to your submission.

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