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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article January 12 2021
Mitigating Advocacy Bias: The Effect of the Reviewer Role on Tax Professional Judgment
Research Article January 11 2021
The Interactive Effect of Time Pressure and Client Preference on Tax Professionals' Information Search Emphasis, Judgments and Recommendations
Research Article December 17 2020
Short Selling and Tax Disclosure: Evidence from Regulation SHO
Research Article October 14 2020
Regulation and Tax Preparer Qualifications
Research Article September 9 2020
Proprietary Costs and the Reporting of Segment-level Tax Expense
Research Article August 31 2020
Is Corporate Social Responsibility Related to Corporate Tax Avoidance? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Research Article July 1 2020
The Concave Association Between Tax Reserves and Equity Value
Research Article April 17 2020
SALTy Citizens: Which State and Local Taxes Contribute to State-to-State Migration?
Research Article February 12 2020
Identifying Different Types of Tax Avoidance: Implications for Empirical Research
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