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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article May 16 2022
Companies’ Initial Estimates of the One-Time Transition Tax Imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Research Article March 10 2022
Boards’ Reactions to Problems in Accounting for Income Taxes
Research Article March 2 2022
Tax-Rate Biases in Tax Decisions: Experimental Evidence
Research Article February 18 2022
U.S. Multinational Companies’ Payout and Investment Decisions in Response to International Tax Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
Research Article February 18 2022
Knowledge Sharing in Auditor-Provided Tax Services: Experiences of Audit and Tax Personnel
Research Article February 18 2022
The effect of tax avoidance on capital structure choices
Research Article September 30 2021
Examining Tax Strategy Choice
Research Article September 3 2021
The impact of tax policy uncertainty on forecasting
Research Article August 25 2021
Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Management: The Moderating Effect of Beliefs about Corporate Tax Duty
Research Article August 24 2021
Big Data Analytics in IRS Audit Procedures and Its Effects on Tax Compliance: A Moderated Mediation Analysis
Research Article August 17 2021
Market and Firm Reaction to Targeted Tax Benefits: Evidence from the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Research Article June 22 2021
Master Limited Partnership Research in Accounting, Economics, and Finance
Research Article May 25 2021
Investor Taxes and Option Prices
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