Background: Assessing acute care nurse practitioners' (ACNPs) procedural competence for central line insertions encourages best patient outcomes and meets requirements of national credentialing bodies. Implementation of processes to effectively evaluate procedural competence is complicated by the lack of validated, evidenced-based metrics to evaluate ACNP practices.

Purpose: This article identifies validated, evidenced-based metrics to effectively evaluate ACNP procedural competencies.

Methodology: A two-part literature review was performed to 1) determine competency evaluation methods for ACNP skills and to 2) evaluate the use of templates/checklists as a means to encourage compliance with national, evidence-based guidelines. Due to the lack of literature on the use of evaluation tools to assess ACNP procedural competency, literature related to medical training programs and practices was reviewed.

Review of Literature: Fifteen articles were identified that met review criteria related to procedural competency evaluation. Eleven methods for competency evaluation were commonly identified in the literature; however, conclusive evidence indentifying the most effective means of procedural competency evaluation was not found. Seven studies and one expert consensus were identified related to use of standardized forms and templates/checklists to improve national guideline compliance. All studies indicated the use of standardized documentation significantly increased compliance with national guidelines.

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