Peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) insertion and subsequent care have been highlighted as areas for improvement in the management of intravascular devices; however, only the fundamentals of PIVC care are routinely taught to registered nurses in Australia. In 2013, a vascular access-focused elective postgraduate course, Peripheral Intravenous Access and Care (8035NRS) was commenced for students enrolled in any of the Griffith University master's degree programs. It was developed with the intent to translate research knowledge into practice by providing access to the latest research findings and current best practices in peripheral intravenous access. Topics covered preinsertion, insertion, and postinsertion care and were developed for the online environment, which is known to be conducive to individual student learning styles. Learning activities included viewing short videos delivered by local and international clinical researchers. This course is the first known university-provided, postgraduate academic course on this subject in Australia, and possibly 1 of the few available internationally. The course succeeded in its aim of increasing knowledge and skills about safe, evidence-based PIVC insertion and care to registered nurses. Its development and implementation at the postgraduate level may be regarded as a strategy to provide a greater understanding regarding scope and relevance for nursing practice and for informed decision making on optimum integration at the undergraduate level. This ultimately will increase positive patient outcomes and the patient experience of vascular access.

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