Background: The 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice no longer require that low pH (<5) medications be administered via central venous access devices. Nevertheless, the practice of placing PICCs for vancomycin administration often persists.

Purpose: To demonstrate the safety and efficacy of intravenous vancomycin administration through a short and long term midline catheter.

Methodology: A retrospective chart review was performed on 1086 patients who received intravenous vancomycin through a midline catheter.

Results: There were no catheter-associated bloodstream infections and no deep vein thromboses. Phlebitis occurred rarely (0.6%), as did benign infiltrations (1.2%). There were no extravasation injuries.

Conclusions: These outcomes summarize more than 5 years of experience administering intravenous vancomycin (4 mg/mL) safely and cost-efficiently through a nontrimmable midline catheter.

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