In March 2017, the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) Board of Directors asked me to lead both its Association and the Foundation toward a new, exciting, and uncharted realm. Have you heard of this place? It's where vascular access proficiency and patient expectations unify around the irreducible minimum of complications and discomfort.

It's a sensible goal and exactly where we want the specialty to be. Putting needles through skin and placing tubes into veins should be as safe and painless as possible.

Vascular access is not just the most common invasive procedure in health care, it's the clinical gateway to nearly all health care delivery. Dehydrated? You're going need an IV. Have an infection? IV again. Surgery? Yes. Blood transfusion? Yes again. Cancer treatment? It will be delivered intravenously. Pain management? You guessed it. Your veins will guide what heals you quickly and...

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