• Ultrasonography is an important tool for vascular access practice.

  • Ultrasound should be used for vascular access assessment and insertion.

  • Ultrasonography should be incorporated into formal nursing education curriculum and simulation training.


Background: This study analyzed nurse practitioner students’ knowledge of ultrasound-guided vascular access after the implementation of an educational and simulation course.

Methods: Nurses’ knowledge of ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous catheter placement was analyzed using a ten-item questionnaire both before and after course. A sample of bachelor’s degree-prepared nurses voluntarily participated in this study. Ultrasonography simulation was carried out with two handheld ultrasound devices and two ultrasound blocks.

Results: The findings demonstrated that there is a statistically significant increased comprehension of ultrasound-guided vascular access after simulation courses.

Conclusion: This study illuminates the need for formal education both in academic curriculum and through simulation to improve ultrasound-guided vascular access knowledge for patient care.

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