2022…WOW! We have come so far and progressed, or should we say regressed? We were finally able to have an in-person face to face conference (664) with virtual attendance (366) too!!! (Excitement and shouts of joy!!!). We started the conference with a great poem written by my nephew Mikey Stevens, (a vascular need patient):

To live is to grow, to grow is to learn.

As we grow and learn, we must lead so they know.

AVA will grow as members align; together we will say “We can save that line!”

We raise our flag on the mountain of knowledge, wage war against naivety so they must acknowledge.

Needle or catheter, our practice matters.

Preserve the vein, is the name of the game.

Some growth to improve and ignorance to be pruned.

Our research the shears to stop the assume.

AVA’s mission is the vessel that maintains our course.

The knowledge...

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