This article describes a report of the attitudes towards and barriers to the use of safety cannulas in paediatric patients. The evaluation was prompted by a lack of engagement from both doctors and nurses who continued to use non-safety-engineered devices (non-SEDs) after safety-engineered devices (SEDs) were introduced into a paediatric emergency department (ED). A survey was conducted among doctors and nurses working in the paediatric ED with questions focusing on the participants’ clinical experience, views on safety, access to training and device preference, providing both quantitative and qualitative data. The findings highlighted several issues, including a difference in opinion between professional groups towards safe sharps. Significant differences in access to training and education between doctors and nurses were also identified; including those with up-to-date training appearing more likely to use a SED than those without. Recommendations including strategies for improving compliance have been proposed, with a plan to conduct a clinical audit to measure compliance at a later date.

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