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Health care professionals make a difference in patient care in many sustentative ways within the health care paradigm.1–4  Statisticians, peer reviewers, and health professions faculty contribute to anecdotal evidence which suggests that there is confusion related to misinformation concerning the methodology of quality improvement (QI) projects. Some clinicians perceive methodology as the discriminating factor that distinguishes QI projects from human subjects research (HSR). However, this distinction should be determined by the scope of the scholarly activity. The misunderstanding comes from how QI fits within the broader context of scholarly activity and the HSR model. In this article, the distinction between QI and HSR is made with the goal of explaining the differences between the two and eliminating misconceptions regarding QI.

Scholarship is defined as, “… the generation, synthesis, translation, application, and dissemination of knowledge that aims to improve health and transform health care”...

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