Purpose: With the recent implementation of chiropractic into the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System, chiropractic institutions nationwide now share common educational ground with many of the nation's medical schools and other educational institutions. Chiropractic students may undergo clinical training within VA medical facilities that have affiliation agreements with chiropractic institutions. The purpose of this study was to gain a greater understanding of the current state of chiropractic academic affiliations within the VA. Methods: Survey method was utilized to obtain information about the program design and operation of VA chiropractic academic affiliations. Results: Chiropractic academic affiliations have been establishedwithin four VA medical facilities in association with three chiropractic colleges. There was considerable variation in staffing and internship duration among the locations. Conclusion: The four existing chiropractic academic affiliations were dissimilar in terms of their design and operation with different strengths and program characteristics identified. Additional study is indicated to determine the impact that program variation has on the clinical care and educational functions of VA chiropractic academic affiliations. (The Journal of Chiropractic Education 21(2): 138–143, 2007)

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