An important goal of chiropractic clinical education should be to teach specific evidence-based practice (EBP) skills to chiropractic students, interns, and doctors. Using a nominal group process, the authors produced a document similar to the Council of Chiropractic Education standards for clinical competencies that can be used to drive an EBP curriculum. Standard texts and journal articles were consulted to create the standards for this program and each standard and corresponding learning objective was discussed in detail and was then graded by the committee in terms of importance and the level of competency that should be attained. Six standards and 31 learning objectives were generated with the learning objectives being further divided into lists of specific competencies. It is the hope of these authors that by sharing this document it can serve as a comprehensive and detailed seed document for other institutions.

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About the Authors

Ronald LeFebvre is a Professor in the Division of Clinics, David Peterson is a Professor of Chiropractic Science, Mitchell Haas is the Dean of Research, Richard Gillette is a Professor of Basic Sciences, Charles Novak is a former Associate Professor of Chiropractic Science, and Janet Tapper is the Director of Learning Resources, all from the University of Western States, and John Muench is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University.