Each year a number of people give freely of their time and talent to provide various service acts to the Journal of Chiropractic Education. We cannot thank our volunteers enough, and while there are many, I would like to thank the following people for their service that elevates the quality of the journal and scholarship in chiropractic education.

Each manuscript is assigned to at least three blinded reviewers. The people who serve as reviewers of submitted manuscripts contribute a great deal to the journal. I wish to thank the many volunteers who reviewed manuscripts over the past year, providing excellent and formative blinded reviews of manuscripts. The reviewers for the past year were: Barclay Bakkum, Jennifer Bolton, David Byfield, Cindy Chapman, Andrew Dunn, Stephen Duray, Christopher Good, Emile Goubran, Julie-Marthe Grenier, Heidi Haavik, Michael Haneline, Mark Hecimovich, Sean Herrin, Claire Johnson, Kim Khauv, Charmaine Korporral, Laura Lamm, Alexander Lee, Anna Livdans-Forret, Win May, Marion McGregor, Marc McRae, Christopher Meseke, Joyce Miller, Thomas Milus, John Mrozek, Valerie Nichols, Lotte Dyhrberg O'Neill, Anthony Onorato, Per Palmgren, Robert Percuoco, Stephen Perle, Cynthia Peterson, Reed Phillips, Katherine Pohlman, Ron Rupert, Randy Swenson, Anne Taylor-Vaisey, Rodger Tepe, Subramanyam Vemulpad, Bruce Walker, Robert Ward, Michael Wiles, Kenneth Young, and Niu Zhang.

The efforts of the editorial board also are appreciated, as this group of distinguished colleagues provides advice to me in addition to providing peer-review. In the spirit of maintaining broad and diverse participation in the activities of the journal, several scholars were added to the editorial board over the past few months.

Thanks also are due to Assistant Editor Julie Nyquist. As yet another volunteer, Julie has brought her talent for working with others, and her enthusiasm for leading and learning together in a revamped book review section with greater immediate relevance to front line educators.

A number of improvements to the journal are anticipated for 2013. The journal continues to evolve and your participation is welcome. If you have an idea for the journal or would like to participate in some way, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.