This is the 23rd meeting of the scientific, peer-reviewed presentation section of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) Educational Conference, now a part of the ACC-Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC). A past article has served to explain the mechanism by which papers submitted to ACC-RAC are sent for review and are later accepted, assigned to presentation or poster status, or rejected.1  This year is no different, save for one change. Dr. Claire Johnson stepped down after many years of admirable service to ACC-RAC, and I was asked to step in and help coordinate the peer review process. Thanks to her long-time service, this is a task made easy, in that so much of the process was already in place.

When a paper is submitted to ACC-RAC, we check to see that all the required elements are in place. Have you submitted the correct abstract and extended abstract, in the correct format? Did you include your ethics approval for human subject research, institutional care and use committee approval for animal research, and appropriate patient permissions for a case report? Until we have all those elements, we hold the paper for review. As we complete all the files, we use the Open Journal System for review. Well over 200 people have volunteered to act as reviewers, and each one provides a list of areas in which he or she has expertise. The system then matches a submitted paper to a reviewer with the requisite expertise and allows up to 5 or 6 reviewers per paper. This year we had close to 200 papers submitted, and each one was sent to either 5 or 6 reviewers; thus, there were nearly 1200 reviews conducted.

The reviews are aggregated, as are the scores. The system then provides us a list of scores, which we can rank order. Clearly, those with the highest scores are those that are likely to be accepted. A committee then looks over the list of papers to ensure that it is proper. Papers are assigned to be poster or presentation based on several factors, including author request (where possible) and coverage of given topics (eg, if we have several papers about low back pain, there may be room on the schedule for only 1 paper session on that topic). The decision to be a poster or a presentation is not made lightly, and whether your work is one or another is not a comment on its quality. All accepted papers are of good quality, whether poster or presentation. All reviews were done blind.

Workshop sessions are determined by a committee that reviews proposed workshops and then looks at the theme for the year as well as topic coverage. We had twice as many submissions as we could take this year.

Many people have made this possible. I thank all of the volunteer reviewers here: Medhat Alattar, Robert Appleyard, Christopher Arick, Samir Ayad, Barclay Bakkum, Jennette Ball, Angela Ballew, Deborah Barr, Patrick Battaglia, Edward Bednarz, Judy Bhatti, Charles Blum, Karen Bobak, Ron Boesch, Linda Bowers, James Boysen, Rick Branson, Teresa Brennan, Joseph Brimhall, Thomas Brodar, Leo Bronston, Myron Brown, Thomas Brozovich, Paul Bruno, Jeanmarie Burke, Kara Burnham, Andre Bussieres, Alana Callender, Jerrilyn Cambron, Marni Capes, Jonathan Carlos, Annick Champagne, Cynthia Chapman, Michael Ciolfi, Jesse Coats, Richard Cole, Alena Coleman, Christopher Colloca, Stephan Cooper, Elaine Cooperstein, Robert Cooperstein, Matthew Cote, Heidi Crocker, Christina Cunliffe, Brian Cunningham, Stuart Currie, Dwain Daniel, Clinton Daniels, Vincent DeBono, James Demetrious, Martin Descarreaux, James DeVocht, Renee DeVries, Scott Donaldson, Karol Donaubauer, Paul Dougherty, Erin Ducat, Stephen Duray, Jonathan Emlet, Roger Engel, Melissa Engelson, Dennis Enix, Susan Esposito, Ana Facchinato, Mary Frost, Ricardo Fujikawa, Matthew Funk, Karen Gana, Charles Gay, Ronald Gefaller, Gene Giggleman, Craig Gillam, Brian Gleberzon, Jordan Gliedt, Christopher Good, Kenice Grand, Stephen Grande, Thomas Grieve, Jaroslaw Grod, Tim Gross, Joseph Guagliardo, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, Tim Guest, Michael Hall, Marcy Halterman-Cox, Michael Haneline, David Hannah, Linda Hanson, John Hart, Daniel Haun, Navine Haworth, Xiaohua He, Glori Hinck, Kathryn Hoiriis, Aimee Hollander, Nicole Homb, Todd Hubbard, Laura Huber, Kelley Humphries, Adrian Hunnisett, Thomas Hyde, Jennifer Illes, Claire Johnson, Theodore Johnson, Aimee Jokerstajokerst, Gena Kadar, Martha Kaeser, Norman Kettner, Stuart Kinsinger, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Steven Kleinfield, Charmaine Korporaal, Thomas Kosloff, Stefanie Krupp, Danik Lafond, William Lauretti, Dana Lawrence, Alexander Lee, Brent Leininger, Jonathan Leusden, Makani Lew, Kathleen Linaker, Tracey Littrell, Dana Madigan, Chris Major, Kevin Mangum, Katherine Manley-Buser, Barbara Mansholt, George McClelland, Marc McRae, R Douglas Metz, Thomas Milus, Silvano Mior, Veronica Mittak, John Mosby, Linda Mullin, Stephanie Mussmann, Jason Napuli, Harrison Ndetan, Shawn Neff, Lia Nightingale, Karen Numeroff, David Odiorne, Michael Oppelt, Tolulope Oyelowo, Kimberly Paddock-O'Reilly, Per Palmgren, Rachael Pandzik, David Paris, Steven Passmore, Georgina Pearson, Stephen Perle, Cynthia Peterson, Kristina Petrocco-Napuli, Mark Pfefer, Joseph Pfeifer, Jean-Philippe Pialasse, Julie Plezbert, Lynn Pownall, Mario Pribicevic, Mohsen Radpasand, Dewan Raja, Michael Ramcharan, Thomas Redenbaugh, Paula Robinson, Christopher Roecker, Kevin Rose, Anthony Rosner, Robert Rowell, Lisa Rubin, Drew Rubin, Rick Ruegg, Robb Russell, Michael Sackett, Stacie Salsbury, Thiana Schmidt dos Santos, Michael Schneider, Gary Schultz, David Segal, William Sherwood, Peter Shipka, David Sikorski, Brian Snyder, Brynne Stainsby, Joel Stevans, Gerald Stevens, Maxine Stewart, John Stites, Richard Strunk, Kent Stuber, Randy Swenson, Dorrie Talmage, Janet Tapper, Vinicius Tieppo Francio, Steven Torgerud, Peter Tuchin, Elissa Twist, Joseph Unger, Darcy Vavrek, Robert Vining, Sivarama Vinjamury, Robert Walker, Paul Wanlass, Robert Ward, Aaron Welk, Keith Wells, James Whedon, Barry Wiese, Mike Wiles, Jon Wilson, Arnold Wong, Jessica Wong, Shari Wynd, Ting Xia, Kenneth Young, Niu Zhang.

Peer review information and acknowledgements for ACC-RAC 2015
J Chiropr Educ. 2015;

Author notes

Dana Lawrence serves as the ACC-RAC Peer Review chair. Address correspondence to Dana Lawrence, 1000 Brady St, Davenport, IA 52803; This article was received and accepted for publication November 22, 2015.