This editorial acknowledges the editorial board and peer reviewers for the journal and discusses the increased dissemination of scholarly work pertaining to chiropractic education and participation.

The Journal of Chiropractic Education (JCE) has grown immensely over the past several years. Part of this growth is because international faculty members and scholars in chiropractic education have increased their participation in educational conferences and submitted more manuscripts, not only to the JCE, but to other journals as well. A testament to the burgeoning research productivity in chiropractic education research was not just one, but two conferences in the past year that focused on chiropractic education. There were more peer-reviewed presentations and posters for both the World Federation of Chiropractic/Association of Chiropractic Colleges 2016 Education Conference and the World Federation of Chiropractic/American Chiropractic Association/Association of Chiropractic Colleges DC2017 Conference than could be accommodated on the schedule.

The JCE has enjoyed an increase in high-quality manuscript submissions, which allows for enhanced selectivity in terms of what is eventually published in the journal. Also, the journal is now receiving manuscripts on education topics pertinent to a variety of health science education programs, demonstrating that the journal is recognized as a desirable journal to which authors from other professions may submit their work.

Of course, the hard work in selecting papers for publication is done by the reviewers who volunteer their time and expertise to conduct blinded reviews of the papers submitted to the JCE. I serve on the editorial and peer reviews for several journals, and I am proud that the reviews provided by the JCE peer reviewers are extremely thoughtful, formative, and as thorough as any I have seen from other journals in different specialty fields. Many thanks to the reviewers over the past year: Alan Adams, Barclay Bakkum, Jennifer Bolton, Ashley Cleveland, Mary Kate Connolly, Robert Cooperstein, Edward Crowther, Katie de Luca, Martin Descarreaux, Stephen Duray, Marina Fox, Christopher Good, Emile Goubran, John Hart, Ruina He, Xiaohua He, Claire Johnson, Martha Kaeser, Hao Le, Ken Masters, Michelle Mick, Harrison Ndetan, Valerie Nichols, Per Palmgren, Robert Percuoco, Kevin Rose, Randy Swenson, Michael Wiles, Christopher Yelverton, and Kenneth Young.

Many members of the journal editorial board participate in peer review. Several others serve as advisors to me, and I frequently call upon their wisdom to help lead the journal in a positive direction. Several members of the editorial board also make suggestions for improvements to the journal, which are followed up and examined for feasibility of implementation. I am grateful to have such outstanding colleagues upon whom I can rely for valuable advice and servant leadership.

While the journal and chiropractic education have enjoyed a year of prosperity, growth, and maturation, the job is never done. As always, I hope that you will consider the JCE as the repository of choice for your research pertinent to chiropractic education.