Acknowledgments to the peer reviewers for the journal and those who have participated in contributing scholarly works pertaining to chiropractic education are presented in this editorial.

This has been a great year for The Journal of Chiropractic Education (JCE). With the inclusion of the journal in the Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index and Scopus,1  the journal has enjoyed a record number of submissions, allowing a greater degree in selectivity for publication.

In addition to these important milestones, more educators than ever before have participated as authors and peer reviewers for articles and abstracts selected for conference proceedings. With chiropractic training programs existing in 17 countries, there is a greater international participation in educational research and development. Faculty members from nearly every chiropractic training program worldwide participated in JCE activities this year.

Of course, the hard work in selecting papers for publication is done by the reviewers who volunteer their time and expertise to conduct blinded reviews of the papers submitted to the JCE. The reviews provided by the JCE peer reviewers are extremely thoughtful, formative, and as thorough as any that I have seen from other journals in different specialty fields. I extend many thanks to the reviewers over the past year: James Boysen, Ashley Cleveland, Mary Kate Connolly, Robert Cooperstein, Dustin Derby, Andrew Dunn, StephenDuray, Ana Facchinato, Ricardo Fujikawa, Matthew Funk, Brian Gleberzon, Christopher Good, Emile Goubran, Julie-Marthe Grenier, Ruina He, Claire Johnson, Martha Kaeser, Charmaine Korporaal, Olivier Lanlo, Alexander Lee, Anthony Lisi, Craig Little, Christopher Meseke, Michelle Mick, Thomas Milus, Harrison Ndetan, Anthony Onorato, Edward Owens Jr, Cynthia Peterson, Brent Russell, Greg Snow, Rodger Tepe, Angela Todd, Subramanyam Vemulpad, Martin Wangler, Christopher Yelverton, Niu Zhang.

As always, I hope that you will consider volunteering as a reviewer and submitting your scholarly work to the JCE.

Bart N. Green, DC, MSEd, PhD

Editor in Chief

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Escondido, CA, 92027

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