This editorial acknowledges the important contributions that the editorial board and peer reviewers make to the journal and thanks those people who volunteered as reviewers this year.

The volunteer members of the editorial board, listed on the Journal of Chiropractic Education masthead, provide advice to me on a range of matters and I appreciate the extra dedication that the board members give to the Journal of Chiropractic Education. I lean on them often for their leadership skills. I would particularly like to acknowledge Drs Michael Wiles, John Mrozek, and Claire Johnson for their recent efforts to join with me in reinvigorating a process to further a research agenda for chiropractic education research. This project will be an international collaboration and more about this agenda will be published in future issues.

A journal is only as good as the papers it receives and the feedback that expert reviewers provide to authors during the peer-review process. The JCE peer-reviewers provide outstanding formative reviews and assure that each published manuscript meets rigorous academic and scientific standards. The journal would not publish the quality research that it does if it was not for the outstanding work of the experts that provide peer-review of all submitted manuscripts. With the number and quality of submissions to the journal increasing, the peer reviewers and editorial board have had a busy year. The reviewers represented 16 different countries or territories, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Wales, United States.

The reviewers volunteer their time and expertise to conduct blinded reviews of the papers submitted to the Journal. I extend many thanks to the reviewers over the past year, who were: Vahid Abdollah, Alan Adams, Fernando Azevedo, Mirjam Baechler, Barclay Bakkum, Logan Bale, Deborah Barr, Sheri Barrett, Karen Bobak, David Byfield, Daniel Cawley, Cindy Chapman, Ashley Cleveland, Robert Cooperstein, Mary Kate Connolly, Waleska Crespo, Dustin Derby, Renee DeVries, Barry Draper, Andrew Dunn, Alister DuRose, Ricardo Fujikawa, Brian Gleberzon, Christopher Good, Emile Goubran, Ruina He, Xiaohua He, Charles Henderson, Sean Herrin, Igor Himelfarb, Kelly Holt, Adrian Hunnisett, Gena Kadar, Lisa Zaynab Killinger, Stuart Kinsinger, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Charmaine Korporaal, Arnaud Lardon, Douglas Lawson, MiKyung Lee, Nadège Lemeunier, Kathleen Linaker, Craig Little, Anna Livdans-Forret, Michelle Mick, Thomas Milus, John Mrozek, Daniel Mühlemann, Harrison Ndetan, Brian Nook, David Odiorne, Søren Francis Dyhrberg O'Neill, Kimberly Paddock-O'Reilly, Edward Owens, Jr, Per Palmgren, Robert Percuoco, Pablo Perez de la Ossa, Cynthia Peterson, Jean-Nicolas Poirier, Kevin Rose, Lisa Rubin, Severiano Cortés Ruiz, Brent da Silva Russell, Eric Russell, Gary Schultz, Dragan Skropanic, Monica Smith, Christopher Smoley, Randy Swenson, Rodger Tepe, Bruce Walker, Stephney Whillier, Christopher Yelverton, Kenneth Young, Niu Zhang.

As always, I hope that you will consider volunteering as a reviewer and submitting your scholarly work to the Journal of Chiropractic Education.