I am honored to present this book to you, which is written in a series of chapter articles which reveals the historical account of the Wilk v American Medical Association trials. This text tells a crucial and far-reaching story from the chiropractic profession's history. Unfortunately, some current practitioners and the public are totally unaware of the challenges experienced during this chiropractic saga.

NCMIC has a tradition of chronicling the past while we look to the future. Understanding the facts about where we have come from helps us better understand our history and chart a path to the future. Because of the importance of these events, NCMIC has taken the opportunity to preserve this story for future generations.

Looking Back: A Historical Review of the Lawsuit That Transformed the Chiropractic Profession was many years in the making. The project was originally led by Dr Joseph C. Keating Jr., an acclaimed chiropractic historian. On his untimely death, Drs Claire Johnson and Bart Green were invited to complete the project. Not only are they outstanding practicing chiropractors and historians, but both have master's degrees in education and doctorate degrees in public health. Their backgrounds provide added depth and breadth to the telling of this important story. We especially appreciate their scholarly approach and historical research of this compelling subject matter.

The chapters reveal what chiropractors went through before, during, and after the trials and what the profession has become today. This story includes the battles for the right to practice and the validity gained from winning the litigation, all of which are an important part of the rich heritage of chiropractic. Whether you are a first-generation chiropractor, come from a long lineage of chiropractors, or are an interested reader, this is an incredible story about the chiropractic profession.

Each year, chiropractic becomes more and more publicly visible and has become increasingly more established. Many of these results are because of our predecessors' dedicated efforts, and to these people, we give our deepest thanks.

To our current and future chiropractic practitioners, I hope that this story encourages and inspires you to always do what is right. NCMIC is proud to be a part of chiropractic's history and remains committed to “Taking Care of Our Own” today, tomorrow, and always.

Wayne Wolfson, DC

President, NCMIC