In their Counterpoint discussion, Swain and Franklin suggested that we prefer to use % heart rate reserve (%HRR) to % maximal oxygen intake (%V̇o2max) relationship over %HRR to % oxygen intake reserve (%V̇o2R). In fact, we agree that %HRR-%V̇o2R is less biased and adjusts the HR-V̇o2 relation for nonzero resting values and different maximal values.

Although the 2 reserves are theoretically equal, there are studies showing otherwise during incremental exercise and especially during prolonged exercise. Pinpointing the cause of those differences between the theoretical model proposed by Swain and the actual results found by several other studies is not an easy task. However, we believe that the reasons might stem from some methodological and physiological differences. Even if not 1:1, however, we still prefer using %HRR-%V̇o2R.

A 1:1 %HRR-%V̇o2R relationship would be true only if the relationship is linear...

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