Sokhangu MK, Rahnama N, Etemadifar M, Rafeli M, Saberi A. Effect of neuromuscular exercises on strength, proprioceptive receptors, and balance in females with multiple sclerosis. Int J Prev Med. 2021;12(5):1–6. doi:10.4103/ijpvm.IJPVM_525_18

The neurodegenerative nature of multiple sclerosis (MS) leads to a deterioration in muscle strength, balance, proprioception, and vision, which results in compromised motor coordination. When implementing exercise interventions for MS, one should consider the neurological challenges associated with the disease in terms of both safety and effectiveness. Comprehensive neuromuscular training incorporates a variety of modalities including core stability, strength, agility, balance, and plyometrics in an effort to optimize neuromuscular coordination. The purpose of this study was to examine if a neuromuscular exercise program would improve the strength and proprioception in those with MS.

Methods: Females with mild MS (1–3 Expanded Disability Status Scale) were randomly assigned to a control or intervention group. The intervention group completed a progressive neuromuscular...

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