The 2021 publication year marks the 10th year for the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology (JCEP). I have been the Editor-In-Chief the entire decade (along with Clinton Brawner during the initial 5 years). During this time, we have seen excellent growth of JCEP.

The first 4 years, only 1 issue was published per year, which only included review articles. In 2016, the journal expanded to a quarterly publication and began including a variety of types of articles in addition to reviews. These include case studies, expert opinions, point/counterpoint debates, research article highlights, along with original research manuscripts and brief reports. On occasion, we have highlighted the careers of clinical exercise physiology legends who have passed.

In 2020, JCEP published its highest number of pages (178), and it is on pace to exceed this in 2021. We have been able to expand from JCEP being the Official Journal of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association to also the official journal of Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) in 2018. In 2021, the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) became a journal partner. All these organizations offer access to JCEP to their membership. We estimate that more than 13,000 clinical exercise professionals have access to JCEP. We are on the verge of indexing and expanding institutional subscriptions. Finally, we have expanded our editorial board to add 2 new Associate Editors, several new Section Editors, and more than 20 Review Board members.

I want to formally thank all those involved through the years to make JCEP a success. If you have any type of article that you would like for clinical exercise physiologists throughout the world to read, in my opinion, JCEP should be your journal of first choice.