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The Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology (ISSN 2165-7629 [online]) is an official publication of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA) and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is a journal partner.

The journal is published by the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association quarterly (March, June, September, December) in electronic format only, journal publication services managed by Allen Press (Lawrence, Kansas). Article types include original research and brief research reports, various contemporary reviews, point-counterpoint debates, systematic reviews/meta-analyses, study protocols, case studies, and expert commentaries on topics of interest to the clinical exercise physiologist. All submitted manuscripts are subject to review. See ‘Author Information’ page for information on how to submit a manuscript.

Correspondence regarding editorial matters should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan K. Ehrman, PhD (Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan); e-mail ; telephone (313) 972-1919.

For information regarding CEPA membership, visit Access to the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology is a benefit of CEPA membership.

For information regarding ESSA membership, visit Access to the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology is a benefit of ESSA membership.

Annual Subscription: Coming soon!

Institutional Subscription: For more information, email us at

Reprints: For information on reprints for individual or commercial use, please contact CEPA at

Submission and Page Print Costs: There is no cost to submit an article to JCEP. Approved submissions are published at no cost.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the articles of the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the CEPA, ESSA, ACSM, or Allen Press. The CEPA, ESSA, ACSM, and Allen Press disclaim responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from any ideas or products referred to in the articles or advertisements.



  • Jonathan K. Ehrman, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, FACSM, FAACVPR; Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

Associate Editors

  • Paul Gallo, EdD, ACSM-CCEP; Norwalk, CT, USA
  • Cemal Ozemek, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, FACSM; Chicago, IL, USA

Section Editors

  • Behavioral: Beth Lewis, PhD; Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Cardiovascular
    • Patrick Savage, MS, FAACVPR; Burlington, VT, USA
    • Quinn Pack, MD, MSc; Springfield, MA, USA
    • Kurt Smith, PhD, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Mental Health: Simon Rosenbaum, PhD, AEP; Sydney, Australia
  • Metabolic/Endocrine: Sam Headley, PhD, ACSM-RCEP, FACSM; Springfield, MA, USA
  • Neurologic and Neurodegenerative Disease: Joshua Lander, DC, MS, DACNB, CSCS, Westport, CT USA
  • Orthopedic: Peter Ronai, MS, FACSM, ACSM CCEP, Fairfield, CT, USA
  • Occupational Rehabilitation: OPEN
  • Oncologic/Immunologic: Robert U. Newton, DSc, PhD, AEP, CSCS*D, FACSM, FESSA, FNSCA; Perth, WA, Australia
  • Programming, Professional, & Legal: Robert Berry, MS, ACSM-CEP, RCEP; Detroit MI, USA
  • Pulmonary: Leona Dowman PhD, AEP, Melbourne, Australia
  • Case Study: Erik Van Iterson, PhD, Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Research Highlights: Elizabeth O’Neill, EdD, Springfield, MA, USA

Consulting Editors: Steven J. Keteyian, PhD, ACSM-RCEP, FACSM; Detroit, MI, USA

Quinn Pack, MD, MSc; Springfield, MA, USA

Editorial Assistant: Robert Berry, MS, ACSM-CCEP, Detroit, MI, USA

Digital Media:

  • Susan O’Brien, PhD; Ascot QLD, Australia (ESSA)
  • Sarah Moss, Ottawa, Canada (CSEP)
  • Shirit Rosenberg, EdD, Palo Alto, CA, USA (CEPA)

Managing Editor: Kara Kopchinski, Allen Press, Lawrence, KS, USA

ACSM Liaison: Katie Feltman, ACSM, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Review Board

Statistical Reviewers:
Clinton A. Brawner, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, Detroit, MI, USA
Tammie M Johnson, DrPH, Tallahassee, FL USA

Tracy Baynard, PhD, FACSM, Chicago, IL, USA
Peter Brubaker, PhD, FACSM, Winton-Salem, NC, USA
Paul Chase, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, Athens, OH, USA
James Churilla, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-CCEP, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Sheri Colberg-Ochs, PhD, FACSM, Norfolk, VA, USA
Jeff Christle, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Brian Duscha, MS, ACSM-CCEP, Durham, NC, USA
Caitlin Fox-Harding, PhD, Woodvale, Western Australia
Barry Franklin, PhD, FACSM, Royal Oak, MI, USA
Carol Garber, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-CCEP, New York, NY, USA
Timothy Garrow, PhD, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Kirtsin Lane, PhD, CSEP-CEP, Victoria, BC, Canada
Melissa Pearson, PhD, ESSA-AEP, Melbourne, Australia
Derek Salisbury, PhD, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Zoe Saynor, PhD, Portsmouth, UK
Favil Singh, PhD, ESSA-AEP, Joondalup WA, Australia
David Swain, PhD, FACSM, Norfolk, VA, USA
Diane Treat-Jacobson, PhD, RN, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Paul Visich, PhD, ACSM-CCEP, Portland, ME, USA
Micah Zuhl, PhD, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

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