The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between occlusal factors (overjet, overbite, Angle's Classification of molars and cuspids, the relationship of the primary molars, openbite, lateral openbite, scissorbite and crossbite) and bruxism in permanent and mixed dentition in Turkish children. For this reason 182 children with mixed dentition and 212 children with permanenth dentition were included in this study. Occlusal conditions were examined clinically and bruxism was assesed by using interview and questionnaires. Z Test was used to compare the results. It was found that in both dentition some occlusal factors related with bruxism (overjet > 6 mm, overbite > 5 mm, negative overjet, openbite in permanent dentition; overjet > 6 mm, overbite > 5 mm, scissorbite, anterior-posterior multiple teeth crossbite, Angle Class I occlusion in mixed dentition.

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