Early assessment of the oral health status of children has the potential to reduce or even eliminate oral diseases. Parents rarely take their children to dentist early enough to control dental diseases. However, parents contact pediatricians several times even before the child is born and during the child's early life. Accordingly, pediatricians are considered a perfect and reliable source for oral health control and prevention.Aim: To measure the dental knowledge, attitude and behavior (KAB) of pediatricians in the City of Jeddah regarding oral health status and methods for prevention of dental diseases in children. Materials and method: Questionnaires consisting of 40 demographic and KAB's questions were distributed to all pediatricians in Jeddah city (605 pediatricians). The KABs' questions consisted of general dental knowledge, preventive dental measures, timing for referral, diet counseling, parafunctional habits and handling of traumatized teeth. A score was given for each question. Percentages of total scores of KABs were compared.Results: The response rate of pediatricians in Jeddah city (363) was 60%. Their mean age was 39.57 years. Pediatricians' KABs were found to be unsatisfactory. The most important observation was that the concept of oral health prevention was deficient. Pediatricians' awareness of fissure sealants, fluoride, dietary counseling,time of first dental visits and thumb sucking were quite limited. Pediatricians' knowledge was significantly lower than their attitude and behavior's scores. Conclusion: In general, pediatricians' knowledge,attitudes and behavior regarding oral health were not satisfactory.

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