Objectives: The aim of this study was to differentiate anxious from nonanxious adolescents and evaluate gender differences in anxiety with respect to previous negative dental and medical experiences. The purpose was also to evaluate a causative relationship between child medical fear and dental anxiety. Study Design: This study sampled 113 Croatian adolescents from 15 to18 years of age. Children's Fear Survey Schedule – Dental Subscale (CFSS-DS) was used for the assessment of child dental anxiety regarding visits to the dentist and receiving dental treatment. A modified version of Child Medical Fear Questionnaire (CMFQ-M) was used for evaluation of child medical fear related to medical treatment and doctors in general. Results and Conclusion: The results showed significantly higher dental anxiety (CFSS-DS) and medical fear (CMFQ-M) in adolscent girls (p<0,001) as compared to adolescent boys. A significantly strong correlation between medical fear and dental anxiety in adolescent girls was proved by Pearson's correlation coefficient (p < 0,01). In this study, CMFQ-M and CFSS-DS questionnaires were standardized in the Croatian adolescent population and proved reliable in the estimation of anxious behaviour with respect to specific medical and dental situations.

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