Lipomas are common benign neoplasms of oral region which occur scarcely in the parapharyngeal space (PPS). The diversity observed in its histologic presentation classified it into many subtypes among which Spindle Cell Lipoma (SCL) is a rare entity. SCL is an uncommon benign tumor of adipose tissue usually located superficially in the neck, back and shoulder region but its presentation in oral and pharyngeal spaces is very rare. Exhaustive literature search for oral and pharyngeal space pleomorphic SCL till date revealed 45 cases of oral SCL with a mean age distribution of 55 years. Only one reported case of parapharyngeal occurrence of pleomorphic SCL was found. A rare case of pleomorphic variant of SCL in PPS extending into the buccal space is being presented. This case could be the first to report the multiple presentation and the youngest age of occurrence of SCL in PPS.

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