The present case report describes a rare case of dens evaginatus on the labial surface of mandibular incisor and interdisciplinary management including endodontic and periodontal treatment. A 10-year-old girl presented unusual whitish tubercle-like structure penetrated through the buccal gingiva of mandibular later incisor. In cone-beam computed tomographic view, pulpal tissue was extended from the principal root to the tubercle. Following full thickness flap reflection, the tubercle was carefully removed, resulting in dentin and pin-point pulp exposure. In order to prevent pulp necrosis and facilitate periodontal attachment to this area, Biodentine and enamel matrix derivative were applied. Gingival defect was compensated using a collagen matrix. Up to 2 years, harmonious gingiva state and no loss of tooth vitality were observed. In summary, dens evaginatus on mandibular later incisor could be successfully treated by means of interdisciplinary approach.

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