Background: In early childhood due to dental neglect, children suffer from multiple decayed teeth and experience pain, interfering with their daily activities. This study aimed to assess Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) of preschool children in urban and rural Bangalore, and to correlate it with their dental caries status. Study design: Oral health examination of 1545 preschool children, aged 3 to 5 years were selected from urban and rural Bangalore. The parents answered the Oral Health-Related Early Childhood Quality of Life OH-ECQOL proforma on OHRQoL of their children. Results: The mean OHRQoL of urban preschool children was 17.86 and was significantly different from 20.42 of rural preschool children. (p<0.001). The mean deft score was 2.60±2.26 in rural preschool children and it was significantly higher than 1.92±2.05 seen in urban preschool children (p< 0.001). A significant correlation was seen between dental caries (deft) and OHRQoL in urban preschool children (p=0.04). Their OHRQoL was significantly associated with the ‘decayed’ component.(p=0.03) Multiple regression analysis showed OHRQoL to be significantly associated with dental caries. Conclusion: OHRQoL among preschool children living in urban Bangalore was found to be better than those in rural Bangalore.

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