Objective: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the reduction in bacterial loading using Papacarie and Carisolv as an irrigating solution in pulpectomized primary molars. Study design: A controlled, randomized clinical trial involving 120 necrotic canals from both genders between 3 and 7 years old children were included, 30 irrigated with Papacarie [ group I], Carisolv [ group II], 1% NaOCl gel [ group III] and 1% Na0Cl solution [group IV ] each; in all cases, 2 microbiological samples from within the canals were taken with sterile paper points, the first after the canal opening and before the first irrigation, and the second after instrumentation and final irrigation, before obturation. All samples were evaluated by Agar plate method. Results: The results were statistically analyzed by ANOVA. After analyzing samples before and after irrigation in all the groups, a strong significant decrease in bacterial load [ p = < 0.001 ] was found with Papacarie and Carisolv. Conclusion: Papacarie and Carisolv can be suggested as an alternative irrigant for pulpectomy of necrotic teeth.

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