Aim: The rapid and extensive spread of CoViD -19 pandemic has become a major source of concern for healthcare system including pediatric dentists. The aim of the present study was to assess the awareness, perception and attitude regarding CoViD – 19 and infection control among Indian pediatric dentists. Study design: A total of 1009 Indian Pediatric dentists completed questionnaire based survey on the awareness, perception and attitude regarding CoViD – 19 infection and its control. Descriptive statistics have been used in the study to analyze the findings. Mean and standard deviation and proportion have been used to estimate the results of the study. Results: 65.75% Indian pediatric dentists had answered questions regarding CoViD – 19 infection correctly. The present survey found a positive perception among Indian pediatric dentist regarding CoViD – 19 and infection control. However the attitude among Pediatric dentist regarding the same was not encouraging. Conclusion : As the global threat of CoViD-19 continues to emerge, it is critical to improve the awareness, perceptions and attitude of pediatric dentists. Educational interventions are urgently needed to reach pediatric dentists beyond borders, and further studies are warranted.

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