Objective: To determine changes in knowledge, attitudes, and practices of primary care physicians (PCPs) regarding fluoride varnish (FV). Study Design: Fifty-four PCPs at an urban medical center in New York completed a pre-intervention survey. A pediatric dental resident provided an hour-long educational lecture and a hands-on demonstration regarding FV application. Six months later, PCPs were sent a post-intervention survey via electronic mail. Results: Fifty-four PCPs participated in the pre-survey and FV training and 48% completed the post-survey. Prior to the FV training, 57% of PCPs knew that FV application by medical practitioners was reimbursable for children under 6-years-old and 2% of PCPs were applying FV. Post FV training, 62% of PCPs reported applying FV. Pre and post survey, barriers to FV application was not enough hands-on training (43% to 15% respectively) and not enough time (50% to 85% respectively). Conclusions: Post FV training, PCPs’ knowledge, attitudes and practices in regard to FV changed. Interprofessional education may be one approach to increasing FV application participation.

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