Objective: To evaluate and compare the retention of GIC based sealant with nano-filled resin coating and filled resin sealant at specified time intervals. Study Design: It was a split mouth design in which 248 mandibular first permanent molars were divided into two groups i.e. Group 1 (124): treated with glass ionomer sealant followed by light cured nano-filled resin coating and Group 2 (124): treated with acid etching followed by resin filled sealant. Clinical evaluation was done at 1,3,6,9 and 12 months as per modified categorization by Weiwei Z et al. Data was analyzed using Pearson’s chi-square test to evaluate the success of both treatment procedures (p<0.05). Results: At 12 months, overall retention rate of glass ionomer sealant with nano-filled resin coating was found to be superior (84.7%) as compared to filled resin sealant (74.3%); but no significant difference was noted (p>0.05). Conclusions: Nano-filled resin coating application over glass ionomer sealant provides enhanced longevity and cariostatic benefits; hence, can be used as a viable alternative in place of resin sealants.

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