Objective: To examine whether general and dental health and habits of families were affected by the first-wave lockdown due to COVID-19, and whether these habits were related to family functioning, resilience and stress. Study design: A cross-sectional study using an online survey disseminated among families with kindergarten and primary school-aged children during the lockdown of March and April 2020. Results: A total of 361 respondents completed the survey. Most respondents adapted well to the changes imposed by lockdown and reported that they and their children had low anxiety levels and high mental resilience. Family functioning and behavior were positively correlated with nutrition habits and hygiene. General hygiene was positively correlated with oral hygiene. Respondents who reported requiring dental care had difficulties gaining access to it. Most respondents perceived that it is important to improve patients’ digital access to pediatricians and dentists during crises. Conclusion: The study showed that better family functioning was associated with better family hygiene and nutrition, parental resilience and lower mental stress among children.

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