Objectives: This study examines how accurate pediatric dentists are at estimating dental arch lengths by comparing their model estimations (guesstimating the arch length without measuring) to the Tanaka and Johnston mixed dentition arch length analysis. Study Design: This study consisted of two parts, a survey of practitioners and a model estimating and measuring component. The survey was designed and given to 44 pediatric dentists to determine how many were practicing orthodontics and using arch length analyses routinely. Then 18 pediatric dentists and 13 pediatric dental residents examined 20 sets of mixed dentition models and estimated how much space was available. These estimations were compared to the calculated gold standard, the Tanaka and Johnston arch length analysis of the same models. Results and Conclusions: More than half of the dentists surveyed that practice comprehensive orthodontics use arch length estimates. Pediatric dentists and pediatric dental residents are just as good as each other at estimating arch length. Pediatric dentists and pediatric dental residents underestimated arch length by –3.6 and –3.1 mm, respectively. More research needs to be done to determine if model estimation is a clinically acceptable way to judge arch length.

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