Objective: In a tooth with deep dentinal caries; judicious removal of infected dentin and isolating affected dentin from oral fluids with suitable biocompatible material is called indirect pulp therapy (IPT). This randomized clinical trial was done to evaluate and compare the efficacy of Biodentine, Theracal LC and. Dycal as an indirect pulp capping agent in young permanent teeth. Study Design: IPT was performed in 60 young permanent molars with caries approaching pulp in 55 healthy children using Biodentine, Theracal and Dycal. A 2–3mm layer of GIC was placed over the intervening material followed by restoration of cavity with composite. Clinical and radiographic examinations were conducted at 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months,12 months, 18 months and 24 months. The data was compared using chi-square test at a significance level of 0.05. Results: By end of 24 months ,54 teeth presented for follow up with overall success rate of 100% in Theracal, 94.44% in Biodentine, and 77.78% in Dycal. Overall success of Theracal was statistically significant in comparison to Biodentine and Dycal at 24 months follow up (p= 0.03)

Conclusions: Radiographic and clinical outcomes of Theracal and Biodentine suggest their use as an alternative material for IPT in young permanent molars with higher success.

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