Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) is an uncommon, aseptic, autoinflammatory condition characterized by multifocal bone lesions with pain, swelling, and frequent exacerbations and remissions. It is noteworthy that these lesions occur without any identifiable etiology or microbiologic finding. The clavicle and metaphyses of the long bones are often involved whereas involvement of the mandible is considered rare. It is usually diagnosed by exclusion of other diseases. As it shares most of its features with the more commonly occurring infective osteomyelitis, patients are often unnecessarily subjected to prolonged courses of antibiotics, serial radiation exposures, and repeated bone biopsies.

We present a case of CRMO involving the mandible. Our primary objective is to demonstrate the clinical features of this uncommon disorder, highlighting the radiographic appearance. Familiarity with this condition among radiologists greatly increases the likelihood for early diagnosis and formulating an appropriate treatment plan.

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