Natal teeth are infrequent at birth. Dental extraction is the most recommended treatment to avoid complications. Reactive soft tissue lesions associated to natal tooth or its incomplete removal are rare. A five-month-old female presented natal teeth #71 and #81 which were removed the day after the birth. The baby evolved with two nodules in the region of #71 and #81, pedunculated, 10 and 9 mm, respectively, covered by a pink mucosa, firm in consistency. Periapical radiography showed two radiopaque areas, suggestive of root fragments. After 30 days the nodule located in the region of #81 became purple in color and ulcerated. Both lesions were removed with high intensity diode laser. Histopathological analysis was compatible with inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia (#71) and pyogenic granuloma (#81). Early diagnosis of oral lesions in newborns by means of histopathological examination and a minimum invasive treatment, such as laser surgery, should be of primary concern.

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