Variety of treatment approaches have been proposed for esthetic management of dental fluorosis. Microabrasion, bleaching using hydrogen peroxide, and etch bleach seal are commonly used methods. Bleaching using sodium perborate has been used for intracoronal bleaching. Till now, no study has used sodium perborate for extracoronal bleaching of discolored stained teeth. Objectives: To evaluate the esthetic improvement of non-pitted fluorosis stains using sodium perborate and compare with etch bleach seal, microabrasion and in-office bleaching with 30% H2O2 on visual assessment scale VAS (primary objective) and to assess any untoward effects including staining, sensitivity, gingival problems within the course of study (secondary objectives). Study design: A randomized control trial with 6 months follow up. Methodology- Twenty children aged 8 to 12 years with non-pitted fluorosis in upper anterior teeth were divided into 4 groups with 5 patients in each group. Results and discussion: All of the techniques showed improvement in esthetics with VAS. However, microabrasion and bleaching using sodium perborate had significantly better results than other 2 techniques. Conclusion: Sodium perborate showed excellent results in extracoronal bleaching of fluorosed teeth. However a randomized study with large sample size is required to draw a definitive conclusion regarding superiority of one technique over others.

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