Aim: To assess the biocompatibility, bioactivity and gene expression analysis of SHEDs incubated in various Calcium Silicate Based Cements. Study design: Following PRISMA statement, a search was carried out in the electronic databases–PubMed, Scopus, Embase, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and DOAJ from January 2000 to 31 May 2021. In vitro trials examining the response of SHEDs to the treatment with CSCs were eligible. Results: 10 trials were included after the selection process. These trials involved the assessment of cell viability, cell migration, cell adhesion, mineralization potential and gene expression analysis of SHEDs cultured in MTA, Biodentine, EndoCem Zr, RetroMTA, TheraCal & iRoot BP plus. Conclusion: MTA, Biodentine, EndoCem Zr, RetroMTA and iRoot BP showed adequate biocompatibility, bioactivity and genetic expression towards SHEDs, to support their clinical use in vital pulp treatment of primary teeth.

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