Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate whether the treatment of the dental malocclusions can affect the postural attitude in children. Study design: Sixty patients aged 9–12 years in mixed dentition were enrolled. The patients underwent an orthodontic evaluation for dental malocclusion and a postural examination by means of a vertical laser line (VLL) and a stabilometric–baropodometric platform. The children were treated with a functional appliance according to the type of malocclusion for two years. The position of the head and of the atlanto-occipital joint (C0–C1) respects to the VLL, the typologies of podalic support and the distribution of the body weight on the feet were evaluated before and after the orthodontic treatment. Results: A significant correction of the position of the head, with a physiological extension of C0–C1, a significant improvement of the typology of podalic support and a homogeneous distribution of the body weight on the feet were observed after the treatment of the malocclusions. Conclusion; From our results, the treatment of dental malocclusion can contribute to ameliorate the postural attitude in children.

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