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The editors will consider only articles that are submitted exclusively to JOCPD.

Manuscript submission — Instructions to Authors.

Online submission:

Online submissions are accepted. Please send them to:
Make sure you receive confirmation from the managing editor, Sheryl Brenner. Email submissions are usually acknowledged in 24 – 72 hours.

Authors should include: Primary authors full address, phone number and email address. All authors names and affiliations, include the abstract and the manuscript type.


Manuscript type:

Most manuscripts fall into one of the following JOCPD sections:
* Clinical Articles
* Clinical Research for a better Practice
* Pediatric Hospital Dentistry
* Pediatric Case studies
* Pediatric Oral Pathology
* Pediatric Dental Public Health
* Practice Management.
* Dento Facial Orthopedics and Orthodontics

Title page

The title page should include authors' full names and academic degrees, department and institutional affiliations of each author. The people listed as authors should be those who contributed significantly and creatively to the study and to the manuscript preparation. The list of authors with their degrees and affiliations must be limited to six names; additional contributors may be listed in acknowledgments.

One author (corresponding author) must be designated as the correspondent, with complete address, business telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. The corresponding author is responsible for communicating with the Editorial Office and all other co-authors.

Abstract - Each manuscript must include a short abstract (200 words or less) that should clearly identify the potential clinical significance of the content. The abstract must contain the following headings. Objective(s), study design, results and conclusion(s).A list of key words must be included at the end of the abstract.

Illustrations - As many as six figures - charts, graphs or photographs - are welcome, along with a maximum of six tables. Exceptions apply. Tables and figures should not repeat the text. 35mm photographic slides or photographs of histologic slides and radiographs may be submitted.

In some cases color illustrations will be necessary to enhance the manuscript quality.

The cost of color illustrations must be borne by the author(s). After final acceptance the publisher will contact authors with pricing information and instructions for payment.

Manuscript style:

Basic style requirements.The foundation of JOCPD style is the most recent edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. The style for references and scientific information is drawn from the most recent edition of the American Medical Association Manual of Style.

References. Cite all published references in the text and number them consecutively.

Personal communications and unpublished data should not be numbered, but should be cited in the text as follows:

(G.E. White, written communication, April, 2005).

Citations in the reference list should follow this basic style:

Periodical: 1. Abram A. The importance of the first permanent molar in hypoplasia diagnosis. J Clin Pediatr Dent 21: 35-54, 1997.

Book: 2. Saadia M. and Ahlin J.H. Dento Facial Orthopedics for the Growing Child. Ed. Espax, Barcelona; 35-42, 2000

Review and editing process:

Peer review: Articles in JOCPD are subject to a peer review process. Reviewers keep their critiques strictly confidential. Because the reviewers volunteer their time, reviews may take from four to eight weeks to complete.

Decision: Once the reviewers have completed their critiques, the editor examines their comments.

Disposition: accept, accept with minor revisions, revise and resubmit or reject.

Editing: JOCPD reserves the right to edit manuscripts to ensure conciseness, clarity and stylistic consistency and to fit articles to available space. Authors should send with their printed copy a copyright transfer statement and a conflict of interest form to be signed by each author.

Authors' responsibilities:

Copyright transfer:
JOCPD holds the copyright for all editorial content published in the journal. A statement of copyright transfer, duly signed by all the authors and co-authors, must be submitted upon notification of acceptance for publication. All accepted manuscripts and their accompanying illustrations become the permanent property of JOCPD, and may not be published elsewhere in full or in part, in print or electronically, without written permission from JOCPD.

Reprint permission:
If the manuscript contains any material, either text or illustrations, that is reproduced from a published source, the author is responsible for obtaining written permission from the publisher of that source work - or the person or agency holding the copyright, if not the publisher - to reproduce the material in JOCPD. JOCPD cannot reproduce such material without written permission. The author is responsible to provide a copy of the permission letter and provide JOCPD with complete citation information for the reproduced material.

Consent forms:
Any patient who is clearly identified in the article (either in text or in photographs) must sign a form indicating his or her consent to be thus depicted in the article. In case of children under legally permissible age the form should be signed by the legal Guardian/Parent. This form must be submitted with the manuscript.

You must disclose for each author any financial, economic or professional interests that may influence positions presented in the article. The conflict of interest statement should be signed and submitted. The statement must be signed by each author and submitted with the manuscript. Manuscripts submitted without the form will not be reviewed until JOCPD receives the signed statement.

Author's reprints and complimentary copies:
On publication, each article's primary author will receive 1 complimentary copy of the article. Before publication, the author will have an opportunity to order additional reprints at a special prepublication discount. This must be placed eight weeks after dispatch of the manuscript acceptance letter.

Submission checklist:

Before submitting a manuscript, authors should make sure they have completed all the necessary steps:

* Enclose 2 laser printed copies of the manuscript and each table or figure, computer disk(s), retaining a copy of each.
* Enclose a copyright transfer statement and a conflict of interest form signed by each author.
* Check all references for accuracy, correct format and completeness.
* Ensure that the manuscript has an abstract and acknowledgments (if applicable).
* Provide complete information - address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address - for the corresponding author.


Submission Checklist                                      Copyright Journal
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