“When life changes itself to harder. Change yourself to stronger.” At JCPhP, we are following these wise words and focusing on charting a strong path towards quality and visibility for the journal. Accordingly, we are working on improvements such as:

  1. A slightly modified vision statement that still reflects our path to excellence

  2. A new reviewer application and CE process

  3. A new Scholars Corner dedicated to our Students, Residents, Fellows, and Graduate School Students to publish in the area of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice

Featured in this issue, true to our name:

  • A Capsule article from a student pharmacist in Scholars Corner, on treatment recommendations for adults with heart failure.

  • Five personal stories about impact of the COVID-19 on our pharmacists, patient care, and community

  • A very timely Original Research article on preparedness in ordering and interpreting lab tests

  • A Commentary on the Digital Era in Health Care from CPhA's Digital Health Conference held in 2019

And welcome to our CPhA CEO Susan Bonilla in her topical letter to the readership.

Please reach out and feel free to provide feedback that can improve OUR journal.