We put out a call for pharmacy professionals across the country to share their stories of pharmacy practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a selection of those stories. If you would like to submit your story for consideration in a future issue, visit cpha.com/news/jcphp/jcphp-pandemic-stories.

San Joaquin Drug Incorporated

Katherine Bass, PharmD

San Joaquin Drug Inc is comprised of two pharmacies located in California’s central valley. Each location has had a unique opportunity to serve our patient populations during the COVID pandemic. Our primary location San Joaquin Drug, located in Planada, has been performing COVID testing since May in partnership with Human Health Services, eTrue North, and Health Mart. We were among the first pharmacies to start testing in California. The pharmacy has completed over 400 tests since we began testing. We have worked closely with our partners and the county of Merced’s COVID taskforce to expand testing hours and provide as many tests as possible. Our staff and pharmacists have worked tirelessly to make sure we provide a safe environment for everyone, while also maintaining the quality care we have always offered. Our second location in Coarsegold, Yosemite Drug, has answered to the pandemic in a different way. When hand sanitizer shortages began and the FDA allowed, we began compounding our own hand sanitizer to make available to the public. We also made several donations to local community organizations and health care clinics that were in need. One of our pharmacy technicians quickly summoned her talents as a seamstress and began making masks for our patients to purchase at low cost. Her and her family have made over 3,000 masks. Yosemite Drug staff provided enough masks and hand sanitizers to offer at both pharmacies to keep our communities safe during a time of shortages. The pandemic has made life difficult for everyone and pharmacies are no exception. I am so proud to see our pharmacies step up to the plate and work to make the communities they serve stronger and safer.