We have all been wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’ hoping 2021 will be a better, brighter year than 2020. Saying 2020 was memorable is understating it, it seemed like wherever you looked, there were new challenges and uncertainties. But as evolving human beings, scientists and health care providers, the progress that has been demonstrated is superhuman, with not one, but two vaccines with >94% efficacy receiving an EUA within a year! And plenty individual level stories of grit. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t say take a look at the mirror, each of us is one such example of adaptability and resilience. We will all rise from this virus and help vaccinate and build back a new level of normalcy into our lives.

As pharmacists, our roles have definitely been more noticed at the national level, from testing to vaccinating. Although this has come at a challenging time, we can use this visibility to bring attention to our capabilities in providing direct patient care, in collaborating on new practice models, in resolving issues of medication adherence; and in establishing ourselves as providers in the public’s mind.

And as move into a new year, a redefined perspective with more diversity, inclusion and equity, across the US, let us hope this is also the year we succeed in attaining provider status with CMS.

Our current issue brings in more examples of our focus and value in various practice settings; beginning with Dr. Dang providing an outline of our roles with the vaccination process, while Dr. Nguyen and his team discuss how our intern pharmacists can help with immunizations. Dr. Frausto, Associate Editor for CPESN, and her colleagues present an insight into CPESN and what it means to community pharmacies and practice. Studies from inpatient settings on inhalers, and automated dispensing show us ways we might reduce waste and increase efficiency in our practice. Finally Dr. Phan ad his team evaluate opioid dispensing rates in our younger population.

All in all, a new year’s issue filled with pearls.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Updates and Role of Pharmacists

  • An Introduction to CPESN

  • Choose Wisely: Metered Dose Inhalers Versus Nebulized Inhaled Solutions in The Inpatient Setting

  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet Optimization in a Level 2 Trauma Center

  • Evaluating Opioid Dispensing Rates among Pediatrics and Young Adults based on CURES Data Reporting in California from 2015–2019

  • The Role of Intern Pharmacists in Implementing Innovative and Sustainable Practices to Enhance Rates of Non-influenza Immunizations

As always, the Journal and I welcome your ideas and input and of course, manuscript submissions.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!!

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