Surveys are a valuable tool for continuous improvement, and the insights gained can shape an organization’s future direction.

In May 2023, CPhA developed a survey to help us finetune, increase, and enhance engagement with our members. The purpose of the survey was to gauge the work CPhA has been doing and to figure out where we should focus more attention and where to put focus in the coming years.

The survey was emailed to over 20,000 members and nonmembers. There were 510 total respondents (261 members, 249 non-members). We hope you find the results to be interesting; please share any feedback with us by emailing

  1. Answers for Other:

    • Owner

    • Semi-Retired pharmacist

    • Pharmacy Resident

    • Grad intern pharmacist

    • Regulatory strategist

    • Graduate pharmacist

    • Educator

    • Marketing Manager

    • Disabled pharmacist

  2. Which best describes your area of practice?

  3. How long have you been in the pharmacy profession?

  4. What is your ethnic background?

  5. What is your gender identity?

  6. Are you a member of CPhA?

  7. What other pharmacy organizations are you a member of?

    • NONE: 161 answered none

    • APhA (American Pharmacists Association): 126 mentions

    • CSHP (California Society of Health-System

    • Pharmacists): 71 mentions

    • ASHP (American Society of Health-System

    • Pharmacists): 66 mentions

    • ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy): 28 mentions

    • NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association): 22 mentions

    • IPhO (Industry Pharmacists Organization): 15 mentions

    • AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy): 13 mentions

    • SNPhA (Student National Pharmaceutical

    • Association): 10 mentions

    • ASCP (American Society of Consultant

    • Pharmacists): 9 mentions

    • AACP (American Association of Colleges of

    • Pharmacy): 8 mentions

    • AAPP (American Association of Psychiatric

    • Pharmacists): 7 mentions

    • Other state pharmacy associations: 7 mentions

    • IPA (Indian Pharmacists Association): 6 mentions

  8. What type of educational webinars do you prefer to attend?

  9. How do you prefer to attend educational sessions?