Li, Z.-J. and Niu, Y.-Z., 2020. Development strategy of marine sports tourism: a perspective of cost theory. In: Qiu, Y.; Zhu, H., and Fang, X. (eds.), Current Advancements in Marine and Coastal Research for Technological and Sociological Applications. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 107, pp. 17-20. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The strategy of “one belt, one road” has become one of the important ways to communicate with Asian and African countries. This is a concept and initiative of cooperative development. Therefore, one belt, one road initiative “, we can better realize the new development mode of Hainan's global tourism. Hainan is rich in marine sports tourism resources, which can establish a marine sports tourism circle composed of a variety of sports tourism projects, including leisure, folk customs, events, exploration, etc. With the diversification of sports tourism projects in Hainan, there are still many problems in marine sports tourism resources, such as insufficient development and publicity, insufficient material infrastructure, and less prominent brand. Therefore, with one belt, one road strategy, Hainan should build a global tourism demonstration area, which will enhance the sports tourism in Asian and African countries. By playing the role of society and government, we can improve the physical infrastructure of marine sports tourism, which will promote the integration of “point, line and area” of Hainan marine sports tourism. Through the “one belt, one road”, Hainan can better build a marine sports tourism circle. First, this paper analyzes the definition of related concepts. Then, this paper analyzes the current situation of Hainan's tourism development model. Finally, this paper constructs the Hainan marine sports tourism circle from the perspective of tourism.

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