The study region located north of Chennai city on the East coast of India is facing shoreline erosion/accretion related problems after the introduction of Ennore Port during 2001. For the present study 25 km of coastal stretch has been taken up, which comprises Ennore port region, natural sandy beaches of Kattupalli Island, which is a turtle breeding ground and Ennore Creek and Pulicat Lake inlets, with a total coastal settlement population of 25,000 people. After the introduction of breakwaters for the port, beach erosion and accretion are considered as critical problems, resulting in damages to the natural set up of the coastal region in the study area. Analyses of coastal dynamics and vulnerable zones of erosion and accretion along the coast were performed during the present study which are highly useful for the development of strategies for beach erosion/accretion management. Four major categories of shoreline changes were observed in the study region, viz., 1) Beach accretion south of Ennore Port, 2) Beach fill erosion north of north breakwater of Ennore Port, 3) Almost stable coastline at the central part of the study region and 4) Shifting inlet of Pulicat Lake. Quantitative analyses are made from shoreline survey using Real Time Kinematic GPS, beach profile survey in four identified transects, characteristics of environmental parameters such as tides, waves, currents and sediment nature in the near shore region. Long shore sediment transport was computed for four cells using numerical modeling package to quantify the changing littoral drift in study region. Results show reduction in sediment transport from −0.66 × 106 m3/year on the southern side of Ennore port to −0.57 × 106 m3/year on the northern side of Ennore Port.

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