Coasts: Form, Processes and Evolution. 2003. Colin D. Wood-roffe. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 623 pp. ISBN 0-521-01183-3, USD $140 (hardbound)/$50.00 (paperback).

Beaches and Coasts. 2003. Richard A. Davis, Jr., and Duncan M. FitzGerald. Published by Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA, 419 pp. ISBN 0-632-04308-3, USD $79.95.

Two new textbooks focused on coastal geology appeared in 2003: Coasts, by Colin Woodroffe, and Beaches and Coasts, by Richard Davis and Duncan FitzGerald. I emphasize that these are texts and not reference books for the professional, with the possible exception of the 2700 bibliographic references compiled by Woodroffe. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see the topic of coastal geology discussed as a subject in its own right in an undergraduate textbook and not relegated to a chapter in a larger work on sedimentology or physical geology.

Each of the two textbooks covers similar topics: tectonics,...

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