Professor Emeritus of the Université Lumière de Lyon (France), Roland Paskoff, died suddenly on September 14th at the age of 71, still active in his scientific and professional work.

He began his teaching activities in Chile, where he wrote his doctoral thesis, “Le Chili semi-aride.” After a long stay in that country, his teaching career moved to Tunisia, where he specialized in the study and knowledge variations of the marine and coastal environment. Finally, he arrived at the end of the 1980s to his last post as Professor at the University of Lyon.

Besides his teaching work, Roland Paskoff was an active member of the Conservatoire du Littoral, a UNESCO collaborator, the president of EUCC-France (French part of the European Union for Coastal Conservation), and a member of numerous editorial committees, societies, work groups, among other activities. He is author of such essential works as Côtes en Danger (1993, Masson),...

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